Licenses and copyright

The ClassiX® Software GmbH has been developing the CyberEnterprise® digital platform since 1994. The core of these systems are business classes written in C ++. The CyberEnterprise® model was created in the form of a virtual company. At the beginning of this long-term development phase, only the pre-built and trademark-protected product was integrated. This is the object store database of Ignite technologies. The Appswarehouse® brand, InstantView® and ClassiX® are proprietary developments of ClassiX® Software GmbH.

The community of software developers has grown in recent years because of the penetration of PC’s in private households and the arrival of the Internet, which has increased the availability of free high-line codes and are integrated in the ClassiX® product after vetting. The license terms and legal notices in various forms to be taken into account depend solely on the respective author of the code. This requires the distribution of the CyberEnterprise® digital platform under copyright notice, observance of trademark rights and, in some cases, the granting of additional paid runtime licenses (“Runtimes”) for integrated “add-ons” or other “features” enhancing user comfort.

For example, it is necessary to acquire non – exclusive rights for the use of XGantt or Histogram for the visualisation of all integrated specialties, particularly the Supply-Chain-Management-Module (SCM module) with ClassiX ®. This is a “add-on” which is not a self-development. The licensing of XGantt-or Histogram-Components is carried out by ClassiX® Software GmbH. For comprehensive, complete and legal use of the entire functionalities of the CyberEnterprise® digital platform, these rights must be granted separately and explicitly.

Before the ClassiX® Software GmbH chooses „Freeware“, Open – Source – Software (see the General Public License [Englishcopy | Germancopy] ) or paid right (Runtime or OEM) as fixed substitutable or unnecessary Component in the product ClassiX®, the responsible employees (according to internal programming guidelines) are obliged to compile the information which indicates the legal use of the components.

If “free Software“ is modified and distributed by us, we made it clear that the original is not used. By doing so, we guide against any issue that may arise which can damage the reputation of the original author.

ClassiX® Software GmbH expressly points out that all notices and rights in the sense of the authors / owners are placed to the best of knowledge and principle. The illegal use is not intended in any circumstance which is also against the company philosophy and ethics.