Control material flow​

WMS with the HESTIA App Suite

Warehouse functions

Warehouse layout and inventory
HESTIA precisely maps the warehouse setup, the warehouse structure (warehouse topology) and the stock of goods (with batches and serial numbers) in the storage bins.

HESTIA offers various strategies for planning the flow of goods:

  • Goods: Fifo, serial numbers, batch numbers, expiration date
  • Storage bins: minimum movements of storage bins, single-sort occupancy, chaotic warehouse management
  • Goods and storage locations: fixed picking locations for specific articles.

HESTIA uses technologies for the machine identification of goods and storage locations (barcode, RFID). This ensures, among other things, that the storage location and inventory intended by the system are always used in the activities managed.

Real-time system
HESTIA integrates the mobile terminals into the system via radio networks. In this way, all changes in the condition of the warehouse are immediately recorded and processed. HESTIA represents the current status of the warehouse at any time.

Guided activities
HESTIA has a workflow engine. It guides the warehouse staff specifically through the activities of the warehouse and maintenance processes.
In this way, work instructions can be easily enforced.

In the standard version, HESTIA offers the warehouse processes goods receipt, goods transport and goods issue and for the maintenance processes inventory and continuous stock control. HESTIA can be expanded to include other processes as required.

HESTIA creates a document for each process in order to record all relevant information from planning through execution to completion.

Flexible configuration of the processes using a graphic designer

In a warehouse operated with HESTIA, several different clients can manage their goods. For this purpose, the individual clients must be configured for HESTIA.

HESTIA works directly with the data from the host system. Articles, orders, customer orders, documents, etc. are therefore also directly available in HESTIA.

The majority of the HESTIA warehouse and maintenance processes run parallel to the host‘s business processes. This means that the HESTIA warehouse processes are directly available for the host processes of sales, purchasing, storage and production.

Process integration
HESTIA can automatically update the corresponding process status of warehouse and maintenance processes in the host processes. Documents such as delivery notes, invoices, stock transfers and counts can also be automatically created in the host from HESTIA.

In addition to printing any labels and reports, HESTIA can also trigger the printing of host documents.

Advantages at a glance

Full overview of the status of all flows of goods at all times

Error-free inbound and outbound processes

Direct solutions in case of disruptions

Low effort for installation, operation and individual adjustments

Direct connection to host systems, e.g. SAP Business One® 

Functionally expandable through development based on the CyberEnterprise business OS


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